Sample identi­fication

At warm to cryogenic temperatures

ASKION C-line® ColdEye is the first and only scanner available worldwide for cryogenic temperatures. The scanner works reliably in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen, at ambient temperatures down to below -150 °C. It enables the detection of frozen samples in SBS rack/box format within less than 5 seconds. Due to the cryogenic temperatures, the samples can be identified without being affected by heating or thawing events. ASKION C-line® ColdEye enables the handling of samples in a safe way, which means that the samples meet the highest quality standards even after scanning. ASKION C-line® ColdEye can be fully integrated into the ASKION C-line® work bench and can be retrofitted at any time.

The new ASKION C-line® ColdEye+ represents an advanced version of ASKION C-line® ColdEye. The ColdEye+ is the first and only portable scanner worldwide that enables safe and reliable sample identification at warm and cryogenic temperatures. This scanner works without impairment at room temperature (+ 25 °C), in dry ice (approx. -80 °C) up to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen (up to -150 °C). In addition, the scanner is independent of the sample format, which means that it can be used for a wide variety of laboratory applications.

By using ColdEye+, the process in the laboratory (e.g. inventory of -20 °C or -80 °C stores) can become safer (permanently identical temperatures for the samples) and more efficient (fast scan sequence of several samples / SBS racks/ Boxes one after the other). ColdEye+ is a modern scanner that simplifies everyday laboratory work for the user while maintaining sample quality

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